We have interpreted the global economic crisis as an opportunity to reorganize our business activity, and find new motivations.

Research -Development - Innovation are fundamental to obtain a quality product.

For respecting our time of delivery and controlling the whole production process we have created a specific internal department for the production of flat and curved glasses, obtaining a reduction of costs, that translates into prices always competitive, besides saving and final satisfaction for our customers.

Among innovative products for design and functionality we propose New Generation of windows, which consist in glass applied directly to the outside of the bodywork, hiding the profile of aluminium in the vehicle, for an effect total glass, which gives the vehicle a look more attractive and modern, currently very requested.

Having undertaken a research targeted to develop a new domestic industry by investing in advanced machinery production for the realization of specific crystal planes, curved and molded prismatic for photovoltaic-based Extra clear with two possible thicknesses: 3.2 mm or 4 mm which are then subsequently tempered.

As for aluminum processing, we also carry the pride of frames and mounting brackets to complete the processing plant and ready for installation.








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